“I get knocked down but I get up again.”

Yeah, those are words to the 90’s Chumbawumba song that everyone knows, so what? But they’re true. Plus it’s been stuck in my head since I began brainstorming this post.

I haven’t blogged in a long while, and while on the hunt for inspiration for many days… it finally came to me on Sunday. After falling off of my bike, busting my lip open, chipping my tooth, and leaving the rest of my body battered and bruised; I thought I would never want to get on a bike again. (Especially since back in middle school I knocked out my two front teeth whilst riding a bike, I probably should swear them off, but I won’t.) ANYWAYS, back to the topic. I saw a glimpse of inspiration post bike fall.

Life is about taking the hardships you are dealt with and twisting them into a life lesson or a form of positivity, right? That’s why I created this blog a year ago.

I’ve learned that countless times in my life, and even just a few times in the last few days. When you discover that someone isn’t who they seem, or that adult life is difficult, you can’t give up. If untrue words are spoken about your character, prove them wrong. Don’t let people tear you down. Continue to work hard. ¬†When your heart is shattered into pieces, pick up each one. You’ll learn to put them back together again yourself one day. And eventually, someone out there will like you for the person you became after the heartbreak, re-purposed heart, strong character, and all. That’s worth something.

If you take life a little day by day, it gets better. Always focus on the present, and don’t worry about the future. That pans out for itself.

Life is about getting back on the bike, even if the bike hit you so hard that it made you look like you got into a fistfight with someone. And I solemnly swear, no matter what difficulty I am presented with, I will ALWAYS get back on the bike.